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IRS Tax Resolution

If you've received collection letters from the IRS, don't ignore them. The issue is not going to go away. The IRS has unlimited resources and has the authority to freeze your bank accounts, garnish your wages and seize your assets. If you’ve received letters from the IRS, call us immediately for a free consultation. There are many methods that can be used to save you money and stop further collection actions. We have experience handling complex IRS matters and have saved our clients countless amounts of dollars (and headaches) by crafting tailored plans to suit our clients' needs, including:


  • Offers in Compromise

  • Installment agreements

  • Reduction of Penalties

  • Payroll tax representation

  • Trust fund representation

  • Currently Not Collectable Status

  • Release on wage levies

  • Removal of IRS tax liens


When you hire us, you don’t have to deal with the IRS any more. We communicate directly with the IRS on your behalf and work with you to formulate a detailed plan of action to help you resolve your IRS matter and move on with your life. If you have an IRS problem, call us today at (225) 364-9182.

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